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We are regularly asked about the content of the book, how it differs from the “Real Meal Revolution” and does the book have recipes? So here is a quick breakdown of what we covered.

Both Bernadine and I have experienced the consequences of bad eating so we have shared a summary11232896_10206252536126035_4698992034886954217_n of our stories.

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Interacting with and guiding Banters both in practice and on social media groups it has become apparent that there is a lot of confusion surrounding low carb eating. Worrying too is that Banting has become an opportunity for charlatans to flog less than desirable products and supplements to desperate dieters. Scare mongers and detractors of low carb eating spread unsubstantiated horror stories about alleged risks of Banting and many myths about weightloss from pre banting days are finding their way onto these groups where unsuspecting members grasp at any opportunity for a quick fix.IMG_2964

Sadly too, instead of embracing a lifestyle change and shifting their mindset about their eating habits, people are trying to substitute old bad eating habits with new ” low carb” bad habits and this is perpetuated by the mass of sweet treat and dessert recipes that litter the groups, leading newbies to think that this is a sweet path to health and weight loss. 

We tackle why we get fat. If we have a good understanding of this,it’s easier to understand why we need to make the changes we do.

Then onto a discussion about macro nutrients, the components of food and the role of each in Banting. Many folk are under the misconception that individual foods are made up of only a single macro each and therefore slip up thinking for example, that they are eating food made up of only healthy fat or protein without realising that they are loading in a whole lot of carbohydrate at the same time.

In part two we start by doing some myth busting. We explore the facts about body ph and blood types and the ” starvation mode” mumbo jumbo. We share research and the truth about breakfast and gorging on fat as well as many of the myths about low carb diets.

Moving on we tackle lifestyle diseases. These include diabetes, gout,leaky gut and we explain cholesterol and lots more as well aslifestyle-habits-diseasesdiscussing how eating a lchf diet can improve these health problems.

Common health concerns while on a low carb diet are covered as well as supplementation.

In part three you will find all the nitty gritty on how to Bant for permanent weight loss followed by part four in which we do a chapter on trouble shooting that covers a whole range of scenarios which may cause stalled or no weight loss. We chat about ketosis and exercise as well as answer lots of FAQ.

What about meal plans ? Yes we have answered your call ! We have included 4 fabulous 7 day meal plans taking into account people who need very little carb, those who are somewhat more carb tolerant, those who are not so keen on fatty foods and of course the vegetarian.

food_packaging“The Banting Solution” contains the most comprehensive food lists I have seen. The reader will be left with no doubt about what foods are appropriate on a low carb diet and which are not. Furthermore the food lists contain accurate macro nutrient values for each food listed  Added to that we have marked the foods most suitable for profoundly insulin resistant people. We have also added lists of ingredients that are found in many prepared food stuffs so there can be no more confusion about what is a safe additive, like xylitol for example or unsafe like aspartame.

As for recipes , you will be pleased to know that all the most frequently asked for recipes, like Banting bread, egg muffins, breakfast granola as well as a great line up of sauces and condiments is included. PLUS we have given you the macro values of the recipes in portions so you do not have to guess.

Is the book easy to read ? Absolutely !
Our focus was on reaching the man on the street. Explaining what are often complex issues in a way in which the majority of people can understand. Yes, there is a little science but we have left the complicated stuff in the reference section where those who would like to delve into more detail can look up further information.Lastly to add some extra inspiration, some of the group members have shared their success stories and before and after ( or during ) photos. My photos are not in the book so here is one to give your inspiration a kick start.

before and after 4
before and now 2016

At this point I must express an enormous thanks to the incredible team of people we worked with on ” The Banting Solution”. Neither Bernadine or I are writers by profession so this was a new challenge for both of us. The team at Penguin Random House were endlessly supportive and their enthusiasm for this book fueled our inspiration. 

The experts and medical professionals from who we requested input or referenced work from were extremely gracious in sharing information, giving permissions to use their research and supportive of our project. These leaders in their fields include  Dr Jason Fung , Gary Taubes ,Lyle McDonald and Kris Gunners

We are not going to kid you, writing a book is no walk in the park and both Bernadine and I experienced bouts of high stress, sleepless nights and months of nail biting deadlines. I could not have asked for a more dedicated or tenacious co-author. Bernadine has the energy and enthusiasm to inspire even the biggest skeptic. Her passion for writing this book was contagious from the start. It has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from panic to unfathomable excitement and we are both delighted with the result.

The low carb movement is life changing. The message that we have been mislead by the food and health industries needs to be spread. We trust that our book ‘The Banting Solution”will contribute to a healthier lifestyle in those who read it.

The Banting Solution is available in major book stores nation wide as well as available for order online. It is also available on Kindle.