Sugar for energy ?

Sometimes I wonder if people still really believe that we MUST eat sugar for energy or if it’s an excuse they use to continue eating sweets and chocolates. What people need to understand is that sugar is addictive. In practice I often hear the words “ask me to give up anything but not sugar, I … Continue reading Sugar for energy ?


Low carb JUNK food

It is up to each INDIVIDUAL to take responsibility for their own health and to make the choices that they feel are best for them. HOWEVER people cannot make informed choices without facts and many folk searching for answers on social media platforms are mislead because of the masses of misinformation shared on these pages. … Continue reading Low carb JUNK food

Are you feeding your children C.R.A.P ?

It was my intention to continue with a series on Diabetes but in the last 24hrs I came across a couple of posts / comments on social media sites that I wanted to address. It is not always appropriate to give my personal opinion on other peoples Facebook pages but I do believe that somehow … Continue reading Are you feeding your children C.R.A.P ?