How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle

Before you begin a low carb diet there are a few important points that you should understand.  The LCHF ( low carb, healthy fats) way of eating is a long term LIFESTYLE, it is not a conventional diet as we know diets. It is really important to understand that the food you eat can make you … Continue reading How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle


Soy is not a health food !

It is interesting that while some people choose not to eat meat, they go to great lengths to substitute it with fake foods in the form of processed soy products. Chicken schnitzels, nuggets and even battered " prawns". Have you ever read a food label on one of these products ?  Vegetable protein (12 %) … Continue reading Soy is not a health food !

Not so healthy heart

Recently one of the drug reps that calls on my partners practice kindly left a complementary cook book for us called " Cooking from the heart. This is a cook book released from time to time by the Heart and Stroke foundation of South Africa and contains, apart from detrimental tips like "sunflower and canola … Continue reading Not so healthy heart

Sugar for energy ?

Sometimes I wonder if people still really believe that we MUST eat sugar for energy or if it’s an excuse they use to continue eating sweets and chocolates. What people need to understand is that sugar is addictive. In practice I often hear the words “ask me to give up anything but not sugar, I … Continue reading Sugar for energy ?

” Spoiling” your child with food.

I recently read an article written by Dr Peter Attia titled "When does heart disease begin" and my guess is that the answer will shock most of you. Fatty streaks begin formation in the arteries IN THE FIRST DECADE of life - you got that ? BY THE AGE OF 10yrs. In some people heart … Continue reading ” Spoiling” your child with food.

Weight loss stalls

I want to share an excerpt from our book The Banting Solution on weight loss stalls. As we know from previous discussions calorie reducing diets can lead to a drop in metabolism and the dreaded weight loss plateau. But there are other factors that may affect weight loss. Included in our book are 25 different trouble shooting scenarios. … Continue reading Weight loss stalls

How much food should I eat ?

We have learnt that saturated fat ( in reasonable amounts) is good for our health but apart from that it helps to keep us feeling full, thereby reducing our total food intake - well that's the theory anyway. According to the good Prof Noakes , we have an internal gauge, the appestat , which determines … Continue reading How much food should I eat ?

It’s not a fat feast !

One of the most pervasive myths we see on the Banting social media groups is that we should be eating copious amounts of fat because this is after all a "high fat diet." Many posts bemoaning a lack of weight loss are peppered with the advice to "up your fat" or to add fat into … Continue reading It’s not a fat feast !

Food list conundrum

Within months of Banting becoming popular a number of social media groups sprung up in support of Prof Noakes and his real food ideas. These groups are wonderful for spreading the real food message and supporting banters on their journey to good health.  However as well meaning as most people are, a large amount of advice … Continue reading Food list conundrum

“The Banting Solution” content

BUY THE BOOK HERE Listen to me chat to Chris Avant-Smith on the RANT & RAVE show Radio Today. Author interview Since  pre-orders   for "The Banting Solution" opened we have been asked a number of questions about the content of the book, how it differs from the "Real Meal Revolution" and does the book have recipes? … Continue reading “The Banting Solution” content