Not so healthy heart

Recently one of the drug reps that calls on my partners practice kindly left a complementary cook book for us called " Cooking from the heart. This is a cook book released from time to time by the Heart and Stroke foundation of South Africa and contains, apart from detrimental tips like "sunflower and canola … Continue reading Not so healthy heart


Do doctors cause patients to D.I.E ?

I bet that heading grabbed your attention ! This is not quite "die" as in demise but stands for DOCTOR INDUCED EXACERBATION. In other words, is the treatment or advice your doctor gives you making your disease worse. Back in 2005 Dr Ron Rosedale , an internationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine, wrote a … Continue reading Do doctors cause patients to D.I.E ?

Sweet lies

Usually when something makes us sick we avoid it right? Allergy to wheat , cut it out. Seafood makes you break out in hives - don't eat it. So logic would surely dictate that if you had a disease in which HIGH blood sugar was the primary symptom,you would avoid causing a further increase in blood sugar … Continue reading Sweet lies

Food list conundrum

Within months of Banting becoming popular a number of social media groups sprung up in support of Prof Noakes and his real food ideas. These groups are wonderful for spreading the real food message and supporting banters on their journey to good health.  However as well meaning as most people are, a large amount of advice … Continue reading Food list conundrum

“The Banting Solution” content

BUY THE BOOK HERE Listen to me chat to Chris Avant-Smith on the RANT & RAVE show Radio Today. Author interview Since  pre-orders   for "The Banting Solution" opened we have been asked a number of questions about the content of the book, how it differs from the "Real Meal Revolution" and does the book have recipes? … Continue reading “The Banting Solution” content

“The Banting Solution”

Back in June 2015 I was languishing at my parents seaside home when I received a message from my friend and business colleague Bernadine Douglas inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book with her. There had been a few rumblings about this book in the preceding couple of weeks but I sort … Continue reading “The Banting Solution”

How we predispose our children to lifestyle disease

Last week we popped into town on  Sunday afternoon to browse around and have a cup of coffee at a local coffee spot. While there , I overheard a conversation between a lady and the waitron. He seemed to be expressing surprise at something and the lady replied enthusiastically " yes , and they come … Continue reading How we predispose our children to lifestyle disease

Is Lifestyle Disease reversible ?

Let's talk about Diabetes T2 With a life partner also in the medical field barely a night goes by that we do not end up discussing healthcare at the dinner table. Talking shop after hours is usually the last thing many people want to do but working with sick people often weighs heavily on us, … Continue reading Is Lifestyle Disease reversible ?