Not so healthy heart

Recently one of the drug reps that calls on my partners practice kindly left a complementary cook book for us called " Cooking from the heart. This is a cook book released from time to time by the Heart and Stroke foundation of South Africa and contains, apart from detrimental tips like "sunflower and canola … Continue reading Not so healthy heart


Cholesterol con

Cholesterol is a very contentious issue and not a day goes by that I do not see somebody panicking because they’ve had a finger prick blood test at a pharmacy and been told by somebody unqualified to make a judgement call, that they have high cholesterol . Worse still is the amount of scare mongering … Continue reading Cholesterol con

“The Banting Solution” content

BUY THE BOOK HERE Listen to me chat to Chris Avant-Smith on the RANT & RAVE show Radio Today. Author interview Since  pre-orders   for "The Banting Solution" opened we have been asked a number of questions about the content of the book, how it differs from the "Real Meal Revolution" and does the book have recipes? … Continue reading “The Banting Solution” content

Are you feeding your children C.R.A.P ?

It was my intention to continue with a series on Diabetes but in the last 24hrs I came across a couple of posts / comments on social media sites that I wanted to address. It is not always appropriate to give my personal opinion on other peoples Facebook pages but I do believe that somehow … Continue reading Are you feeding your children C.R.A.P ?