Soy is not a health food !

It is interesting that while some people choose not to eat meat, they go to great lengths to substitute it with fake foods in the form of processed soy products. Chicken schnitzels, nuggets and even battered " prawns". Have you ever read a food label on one of these products ?  Vegetable protein (12 %) … Continue reading Soy is not a health food !


Low carb JUNK food

It is up to each INDIVIDUAL to take responsibility for their own health and to make the choices that they feel are best for them. HOWEVER people cannot make informed choices without facts and many folk searching for answers on social media platforms are mislead because of the masses of misinformation shared on these pages. … Continue reading Low carb JUNK food

” Spoiling” your child with food.

I recently read an article written by Dr Peter Attia titled "When does heart disease begin" and my guess is that the answer will shock most of you. Fatty streaks begin formation in the arteries IN THE FIRST DECADE of life - you got that ? BY THE AGE OF 10yrs. In some people heart … Continue reading ” Spoiling” your child with food.