My weight loss story

before n after
Before pic Jan 2014 & Feb 2015 at the low carb conference in Cape Town

I was a fattish kid, plump, I think was the euphemism for it. Although I was not aware of it as a very young child, developing a near fatal illness at the age of 18 months, ensured that my mother become pedantic about keeping my medical records. Browsing through these documents  one day not so long ago, I noticed on a referral letter from one doctor to another I had been described as “ a healthy young lady, a little on the obese side”. I was 12 yrs old and only 3kgs overweight but back then (yes it was a long time ago) I was considered a little obese! I guess by today’s childhood obesity standards that’s insignificant. We were not junk eating kids and my mother was strict about no eating between meals but obviously from a young age I was carbohydrate intolerant.

By the age of 15 however, I was aware of my propensity to gain weight quickly and there are a number of entries in my teenage diaries referring to my weight loss efforts. On one occasion I vowed “not to eat anything until December.” The entry in my dairy was dated May.

My weight yoyo-ed for years. I was a very active participant in sport, which was probably fortunate but I still gained weight easily and living away from home in a boarding school where bread was a staple food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and between, it was always a struggle to stay slim.

Last thin day

August 1989 and the last of my “thin ” days


By the age of 18 I was trying out diets, the Scarsdale diet, the 450 diet, the grape diet,weigh less, you name it. In my mid 20’s shortly before I married, I was thin! Gloriously thin. I was working long hours in a busy maternity section of large hospital and living alone. I did not have time to eat and being on my feet all day ensured I burned up any stored energy from my younger years.

Fast forward 20 years however and I was twice the size I had been in my mid 20’s. Ironically I had remained active but somehow I could never get my weight down to goal again and every time I stopped dieting or exercising I would pick up a little more weight until I resigned myself to a miserable plus size life.

By mid-2013 I was experiencing deranged blood sugar levels, I was profoundly insulin resistant and had developed debilitating back and hip pain resulting in specialist visits, an MRI and masses of analgesia, anti inflammatory drugs and medication for intolerable nerve pain. Nobody seemed able to get to the bottom of my pain . On the days I could walk, I was stuffed into a back brace with an icepack over my lower back to try and ease the pain. My wrists had become incredibly weak and painful. So much so , I was unable to open the shower taps. My intestines were often bloated and painful after meals and I frequently experienced a fine red rash on my face and swollen eyelids.

Feeling utterly alone and close to hopeless I started doing research on how to heal myself.

prof and me

I went back to basics and began with nutrition which was very fortunate because Google picked up on the most controversial topic of the time, Prof Tim Noakes and his Banting diet. Admittedly as a medical professional who had spent years following the low GI 6 meals a day protocol and thinking  that eating fat causes heart disease,  my initial thought was “sheesh, this guy has lost his marbles”, but curiosity got me down to the local book store and within seconds of paging through the Real Meal Revolution, I knew I had the solution to my health woes.

I didn’t hesitate to make the necessary changes to my diet. I was so exhausted from being sick and in in pain as well as deeply afraid of the long term consequences of my poor health that I could not embrace the lifestyle fast enough. I understand how people who don’t any reading or research into the lifestyle may feel afraid of introducing fat into their diets but there is a plethora of information and research available that clearly shown there is NO correlation between eating sat fat and heart disease. It was very clear to me the ” fat free” diet I had followed for most of my adult life was making me ill.

Now 30+ kgs lighter, pain free and full of energy. I often feel anger and resentment at establishment and get incensed by the food and drug industries pushing their greedy agendas on the human race. I feel both frustrated and disgusted at health care professionals who refuse to look at the non science that our current dietary guidelines are based on and without reasonable consideration, simply disregard the dietary information that can free their patients from many of the ailments they have come to accept as chronic illness.

before and after 4

Jan 2014  and June 2016


I still have weight to lose but I am shrinking progressively , regularly having to pin up my pants , take in my clothes or donate large portions of my wardrobe. For the first time in many years I find it exhilarating to ” have nothing to wear.”

Low carb living is easy. It has freed me from food, from excess weight, from illness. Eating this way has become a lifestyle for our family.


It is my passion to educate and support others in adapting to a LCHF lifestyle to correct poor health. I have consolidated my own healthcare practice to focus on coaching clients in the low carb lifestyle to reverse metabolic disease as well as lose weight.

I would love to hear your story and if any are willing to share your journey on this blog with a view to inspiring others, please drop me a line at

For those seeking guidance or coaching in the LCHF / Banting lifestyle, I would love to have you join my Real Meal Revolution Group. Learn how to follow a low carb lifestyle in a sustainable way. Lose weight , increase energy and regain your health !



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