How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle

Before you begin a low carb diet there are a few important points that you should understand.  The LCHF ( low carb, healthy fats) way of eating is a long term LIFESTYLE, it is not a conventional diet as we know diets. It is really important to understand that the food you eat can make you … Continue reading How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle


Not so healthy heart

Recently one of the drug reps that calls on my partners practice kindly left a complementary cook book for us called " Cooking from the heart. This is a cook book released from time to time by the Heart and Stroke foundation of South Africa and contains, apart from detrimental tips like "sunflower and canola … Continue reading Not so healthy heart

Low carb JUNK food

It is up to each INDIVIDUAL to take responsibility for their own health and to make the choices that they feel are best for them. HOWEVER people cannot make informed choices without facts and many folk searching for answers on social media platforms are mislead because of the masses of misinformation shared on these pages. … Continue reading Low carb JUNK food

Caloric reduction as primary is “Crap”

One of the biggest myths of the nutrition and diet industry is the calorie myth. Dietitians and nutritionists all over the world still repeat this tired old mantra that if you shed a certain number of calories from your diet, you will lose weight. Unfortunately even in the " low carb" community calorie counting is still being practiced … Continue reading Caloric reduction as primary is “Crap”

It’s not a fat feast !

One of the most pervasive myths we see on the Banting social media groups is that we should be eating copious amounts of fat because this is after all a "high fat diet." Many posts bemoaning a lack of weight loss are peppered with the advice to "up your fat" or to add fat into … Continue reading It’s not a fat feast !

Food list conundrum

Within months of Banting becoming popular a number of social media groups sprung up in support of Prof Noakes and his real food ideas. These groups are wonderful for spreading the real food message and supporting banters on their journey to good health.  However as well meaning as most people are, a large amount of advice … Continue reading Food list conundrum

“The Banting Solution”

Back in June 2015 I was languishing at my parents seaside home when I received a message from my friend and business colleague Bernadine Douglas inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book with her. There had been a few rumblings about this book in the preceding couple of weeks but I sort … Continue reading “The Banting Solution”

Why should we eat vegetables ?

With LCHF eating really taking off here in South Africa, everybody is suddenly an expert, whether it’s to promote the way of eating or to condemn it. It seems to have given rise to an opportunity for those requiring some form of reinforcement for their egos to create social media pages under the guise of … Continue reading Why should we eat vegetables ?