Sweet lies

Usually when something makes us sick we avoid it right? Allergy to wheat , cut it out. Seafood makes you break out in hives - don't eat it. So logic would surely dictate that if you had a disease in which HIGH blood sugar was the primary symptom,you would avoid causing a further increase in blood sugar … Continue reading Sweet lies


Cholesterol con

Cholesterol is a very contentious issue and not a day goes by that I do not see somebody panicking because they’ve had a finger prick blood test at a pharmacy and been told by somebody unqualified to make a judgement call, that they have high cholesterol . Worse still is the amount of scare mongering … Continue reading Cholesterol con

“The Banting Solution”

Back in June 2015 I was languishing at my parents seaside home when I received a message from my friend and business colleague Bernadine Douglas inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book with her. There had been a few rumblings about this book in the preceding couple of weeks but I sort … Continue reading “The Banting Solution”

Is Lifestyle Disease reversible ?

Let's talk about Diabetes T2 With a life partner also in the medical field barely a night goes by that we do not end up discussing healthcare at the dinner table. Talking shop after hours is usually the last thing many people want to do but working with sick people often weighs heavily on us, … Continue reading Is Lifestyle Disease reversible ?