How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle

Before you begin a low carb diet there are a few important points that you should understand.  The LCHF ( low carb, healthy fats) way of eating is a long term LIFESTYLE, it is not a conventional diet as we know diets. It is really important to understand that the food you eat can make you … Continue reading How to begin the LCHF (low carb) lifestyle


Constipation on LCHF

How do I solve constipation is a question that pops up fairly frequently on the low carb social media platforms and sometimes it seems that constipation on a LCHF diet is a given. This is not true. Only some people who have not experienced constipation before become constipated when they start Banting/LCHF and in many … Continue reading Constipation on LCHF

What makes us fat ?

After my last post on the failures of calorie restriction I am sure there are many people wondering how to lose weight if we don't follow a sustained calorie cutting diet ? To lose weight effectively we first need to understand what makes us fat. Yes - eating junk ( which includes all processed foods) … Continue reading What makes us fat ?

Caloric reduction as primary is “Crap”

One of the biggest myths of the nutrition and diet industry is the calorie myth. Dietitians and nutritionists all over the world still repeat this tired old mantra that if you shed a certain number of calories from your diet, you will lose weight. Unfortunately even in the " low carb" community calorie counting is still being practiced … Continue reading Caloric reduction as primary is “Crap”

Breastfeeding and Banting

Most women are eager to regain their figures after giving birth and breastfeeding may help achieve this. Although in the first 6 weeks after baby is born you will want to give your body some time to recuperate and to establish a good milk supply, there is no reason you cannot follow a healthy eating … Continue reading Breastfeeding and Banting

How much food should I eat ?

We have learnt that saturated fat ( in reasonable amounts) is good for our health but apart from that it helps to keep us feeling full, thereby reducing our total food intake - well that's the theory anyway. According to the good Prof Noakes , we have an internal gauge, the appestat , which determines … Continue reading How much food should I eat ?

Dairy dilemma

Dairy appears on the "GREEN LIST" which as most of you know by now is the list of allowed foods on a low carb diet.  In some circles this is also unfortunately known as the " eat-all-you-can" list and many have seen this as an invitation to literally pig out ! ( but I digress … Continue reading Dairy dilemma

Water wise

Low carb diets tend to increase thirst and many new banters ask how much water they should be drinking. Hit google search and you will be faced with a page articles each with a different answer. There are horror stories about brains shriveling with dehydration and kidneys drowning should fluid intake exceed more than a … Continue reading Water wise

Cholesterol con

Cholesterol is a very contentious issue and not a day goes by that I do not see somebody panicking because they’ve had a finger prick blood test at a pharmacy and been told by somebody unqualified to make a judgement call, that they have high cholesterol . Worse still is the amount of scare mongering … Continue reading Cholesterol con

It’s not a fat feast !

One of the most pervasive myths we see on the Banting social media groups is that we should be eating copious amounts of fat because this is after all a "high fat diet." Many posts bemoaning a lack of weight loss are peppered with the advice to "up your fat" or to add fat into … Continue reading It’s not a fat feast !