About me

profile picI think very often we are only viewed in our professional capacity which makes it easy for people to overlook that we are ordinary human beings who experience emotions and life challenges much the same as most others in our species.

So who am I am what am I about? I’m a middle aged mom to 3 adult kids who fill my heart with absolute pride and joy. I view parenting as the most important of my life work and certainly the most rewarding. Included in my role as parent are my 2 furkids that many of my day to day decisions center around because I experience separation anxiety when parted from them.
Professionally it appears I have become a permanent student, a case of “the more I learn the less I know” and so find myself studying endlessly, exploring new horizons and keeping updated on those I have already explored.

I started my professional career as a registered nurse and midwife but a firm believer in holistic healing I went on to study various alternative therapies including colour therapy , aromatherapy , Reflexology, holistic and advanced sports massage and of course nutrition.

My current focus is on lifestyle diseases and using the power of correct nutrition to overcome them. I am in private practice in which I take an integrative / holistic approach when assisting my patients attain optimal health.

I currently live on the North Coast of KZN South Africa. I find the sweltering humid Summers very challenging and the Winters not dark or cold enough but I do love the way the plants thrive in my garden.

My hobbies include painting , photography,gardening and bird watching. I dislike cooking although I am capable of serving up tasty dishes (low carb of course). I love a good curry and find sashimi hard to resist. I used to be a cheese cake addict but managed to give that up when my quest for excellent health got serious. Exercise is high on my list of priorities and I do go to gym but much prefer the outdoors and prefer taking the dogs for an energetic walk along the beach than exercising indoors. ( I do love the steam room though.)i'm_only_responsible-45722

Small talk is not my forte. I was raised by a mother who had no time for flowery speech so from very young I was taught to ” cut the crap and get to the point.” Please keep this in mind before you take offense to the way I express myself ( remember this is my blog and I don’t do euphamisms)

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this silly app on Facebook kind of got it right……

I am protective of mine and my family’s privacy and tend to be reserved when meeting new people. Peace and calm is very important to me, I really dislike conflict. Although I am not the most sociable of people, I do like meeting folk with interesting stories, especially those on a quest to improve their health. So you you have something positive to share or enjoy learning about health and nutrition please connect. find me on facebook




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