Low carb JUNK food

It is up to each INDIVIDUAL to take responsibility for their own health and to make the choices that they feel are best for them. HOWEVER people cannot make informed choices without facts and many folk searching for answers on social media platforms are mislead because of the masses of misinformation shared on these pages.  

One of the big misconceptions in the low carb / Banting communities is that junk food can be replaced in a ‘healthy” way with low carb junk food. This is not so. Sadly within days of a low carb group popping up ,the page looks like a sweet treat porn channel– Cakes, desserts, cookies and various other junk food items.

low carb junk food

That is not and never has been the intention of Banting ! These foods are what have made us sick and fat and pursuing more of the same is not helpful to our health. 

Sugars and most artificial sweeteners send distorted messages to our appestat, triggering our ‘Bliss Point’, which in turn confuses our body into thinking that we need more of what we’ve just eaten, even when we don’t.” Real Meal Revolution

Sadly many newcomers to the lifestyle, not knowing much about it, see the many recipes for cake, tarts, desserts and basically junk food substitutes and assume that this is the sweetest path to health and fitness because it allows them to continue their unhealthy eating habits in a ” healthy ” way. This results in many demoralized people not only unable to lose weight but actually gaining weight and struggling with ongoing cravings for the junk food that caused their ill health and obesity in the first place.


Banting is a lifestyle CHANGE – not an exchange of one bad thing for another. Banting is about eating REAL FOOD. Real food is food that was recently alive i.e fresh meat , eggs, vegetable. It is up to you individually to decide however whether you are genuinely looking for a healthy alternative to your sugar filled life or not.


Why are substitutes not the answer ? 

  1. Sweet foods drive sugar cravings. For those who are already sugar addicted ( have a sweet tooth) you are not going to overcome this addiction by constantly rewarding the same center in your brain. You will perpetuate the craving for sugar and as long as you crave there is an excellent chance you will fall into temptation and back into eating sugar filled food. 
  2. Sweet foods create a subconscious desire for more causing us to overeat.
  3. Some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners ( sugar alcohols) raise insulin levels. We seriously don’t want this , do we ? Insulin is what drives fat storage. 
  4. Cakes, desserts , pizza substitutes etc are CALORIE LOADED. In other words these items are extremely energy dense. It’s NOT just about the carbs for goodness sake ! Celebrating that a slice of cake only has 3g of carb and totally ignoring the rest of the energy content is naive.  Most people looking to clean up their diets are needing to lose weight. You’re not going to shed the pounds treating yourself to these goods. 
  5. You sacrifice eating nutrient dense food for low carb junk. Banting is about eating healthy nutritious meals – cake isn’t it. 
  6. You harm your gut health. Some nut flours and most sugar alcohols have negative health effects, especially on the gut. We are trying to correct gut health – which is important for wellness and weight loss – not add to an already unhealthy microbiome. 

If you are serious about making long term changes to your health, it is important that you adopt a healthy way of eating. STOP CHASING CAKE !!


One of the reasons we were inspired to write The Banting Solution was because interacting with and guiding Banters both in practice and on social media groups it became apparent that there is a lot of confusion surrounding low carb eating.

Read about the book here


As Jonno Proudfoot points out in his list of kitchen essentials on  the Beginner Banting program ” Ps. Notice how coconut, almond and flax flour aren’t on my list. The Banting Bakery only opens up once in a blue moononly real meals for me.”

Of course we know that most people like a treat on special occasions and by all means, if a low carb treat at the odd special occasion does not derail you, then indulge in a treat.

For those of you who don’t know what real meals are , I would like to invite you to join my Real Meal Revolution group to find out. 

WHAT DOES THIS GROUP OFFER YOU? All the tools on the Real Meal Revolution website to help you on your Banting journey. These include:


• Informative content – all the knowledge you need delivered through lectures and notes. Have peace of mind that you’re getting it from the experts
• Cooking lessons. Be crystal clear on how to get it right with cooking demo’s from Jonno Proudfoot
• Weekly meal plans – save money on expensive dietitians.
• Delicious recipes – always have a fresh and delicious, healthy option. Recipes from Real Meal Revolution, Raising Superheroes and those exclusive to the online program.
• Shopping lists –easily generate shopping lists from chosen recipes.
• Tracking tools – track what you eat and your weight loss to see your progress PLUS • Informed and experienced support of a health care professional
• Weekly online Q & A and discussion with your coach and other group members. Please note joining the Facebook group is a prerequisite for this.
• A private Facebook group with regular informative postings and a support forum.
• Direct personal and private e-mail contact with me and with trained group members to support and direct you.



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