Sweet lies

Usually when something makes us sick we avoid it right? Allergy to wheat , cut it out. Seafood makes you break out in hives – don’t eat it. So logic would surely dictate that if you had a disease in which HIGH blood sugar was the primary symptom,you would avoid causing a further increase in blood sugar levels. Well not if  you follow the guidance of Diabetes South Africa who shamelessly promote not only sugar but sugar filled junk food on their Facebook page. 

one muffin = 9g of carb !

They also seem hell bent on pushing the idea that carbohydrates absolutely MUST make up the major portion of the diabetic diet. This is what health care practitioners are taught and this is what they teach the patients .     FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (11)

Aside from the high carb content already IN the food , it’s perfectly okay to add more sugar too because let’s face it, processed fake food has no taste and requires added sugar to make it edible.

FullSizeRender (12)  added to food

 Before we go on lets refresh the actual cause of Type 2 Diabetes. We are told by most diabetes associations that it’s obesity and a sedentary lifestyle that causes the disease but that’s just flippen ridiculous because we know that there are many thin people who develop T2 D as well as some athletes. We are also told that it’s genetic and unavoidable – which is also rubbish ! Yes , there is a genetic component meaning that if your parents are diabetic , you stand a greater chance of developing it but ANYBODY can develop type 2 diabetes and it’s completely avoidable IF YOU EAT THE RIGHT DIET ! T2 D is a dietary disease. It is caused by eating a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrate. When the body becomes saturated with glucose and insulin production or effectiveness can no longer keep up with the glucose load , blood sugar begins to rise. How the hell does it make sense to tell a diabetic that they can continue to eat a high carb diet ? Read more HERE

1So back to my tirade about the Diabetes SA sugar post. I find it unbelievably disturbing that an association responsible for sharing information that has a significant impact on the health of diabetics is completely blinkered by flawed science and old dogma. They persist in

wrong ! watch this !

repeating the same tired mantra that diabetes is caused by obesity ( not always, (and what the hell causes obesity anyway?) and that diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease ( no it isn’t – SEE HERE and HERE ) The promotion of sugar filled foods not only exacerbates the disease, but gives the diabetic little chance of ever controlling blood glucose levels and leaves them with a sense of hopelessness. 

If you are interested in reading the article that I am referring to – here it is. I have extracted some of the more unbelievable excerpts. This first one leaves me speechless. Originally the treatment for T2D was to eliminate refined sugar AND starchy veg ( they left that part out of their brochure) Then along came the whole GI thing – which is nonsense anyway because it does not account for the actually carb load in a meal – and hey presto , sugar is now fine to eat. Unfortunately this terrible information is what diabetics are taught at the time of diagnosis. I see these people every week, they make up the biggest percentage of my patients. A BG reading of 8mmol ( 146mg/dl) 2 hours after a meal and they cannot understand why because all they had for breakfast was 2 slices of low GI seed bread and a cup of tea with 1tsp of sugar ! 

gi 1  gi

use sugar on porrigeThe article goes on the expound the merits of sugar and how useful it is in disguising the real taste of processed food. People really should be asking themselves what is wrong with the food if sugar is necessary to enhance the flavour or make it even palatable ? I’m guessing that if you offer a person a hearty breakfast of cheese and veg filled omelette rather than a bowl of grey porridge, they won’t be reaching for the sugar bowl.

colour Here is a great tip. Eat whole healthy fresh food and you wont need to be bombing it with sugar to give it colour !




The Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 2013 studySugar: Consumption at a crossroads” found that close to 90 percent of general practitioners surveyed in the US, Europe and Asia believe excess sugar consumption is linked to the sharp growth in these health problems. The article goes on to sayToday, added sugar can be found in almost everything edible: we feed it to children, it laces our breakfast cereals and it is a key ingredient of our soft drinks. As consumption has risen over the years, so has the prevalence of type II diabetes and obesity. Nowadays, 4.8 million people die of type II diabetes every year and close to 20 percent of the global population is obese.

And yet here we have a Diabetes association telling us that sugar can be part of a healthy diet and what an important part it plays in processed food. In that case – is it not better to recommend fresh home cooked meals comprising healthy tasty fats, proteins and fresh herb seasoning? 

energy balanceHere is more complete trash ! Our body is NOT designed to use glucose as a preferred source of energy at all. The human body requires adequate amounts of protein and uses fat very effectively for energy .If glucose was the preferred source of fuel , human beings would have a much larger capacity for glucose storage. Mark Sisson has written a detailed article about this in which he explains Cardiac muscle actually prefers ketones, and the brain can run just fine (maybe even optimally) on a blend of ketones and minimal glucose.  Our survival as a species has depended on these evolutionary adaptations away from glucose dependency. Entire civilizations have existed for ages on what is practically a zero-carb diet. Think about this: there is actually no requirement for any “essential dietary carbohydrates” in human nutrition. It’s possible to live a very long and healthy life never consuming much – if any – in the way of carbs, provided you get adequate dietary protein and fat.
Contrary to what diabetes associations tell you, glucose is not used efficiently in many people and is then converted into fat for storage. The human body can only metabolize a very tiny amount of glucose at any one time ( about 4grams) and stuffing it full of useless carbohydrate from morning to night simply overloads the system, converts the glucose to fat resulting in fatty liver, insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. 

I could go on about the article indefinitely because the irresponsibility of it is astounding.

Unsuspecting diabetics are handed a death sentence on diagnosis- literally. They are accused of being non- compliant when they cannot achieve normal blood sugar on the rubbish diets they are prescribed and many could not be bothered to even try because when they fail to get things under control from the start , they simply give into the hopelessness of it all. Eat less , exercise more – but you can still eat the same crap that made you sick !

Give people the right information and the whole picture changes. Hand them some hope – it’s really not hard.

Ethical and honest health care professionals will tell you that it’s impossible to achieve healthy blood glucose control when eating starchy carbohydrates and sugar ! They will also tell you that when these foods are eliminated diabetes is suddenly NO LONGER a chronic and progressive disease.
Diabetes has devastating consequences and it is thoroughly sickening that diabetics are not told the truth !
It’s incomprehensible that an article justifying the use of sugar / processed cereals and sugar sweetened food is even shared on a diabetes page.
The day is looming that a class action law suit is instituted against organizations and medical professionals who are instrumental in exacerbating a ” reversible” disease because they insist on perpetuating bad dietary advice based on flawed and incorrect ” science”


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