“The Banting Solution”

Back in June 2015 I was languishing at my parents seaside home when I received a message from my friend and business colleague Bernadine Douglas inquiring if I would be interested in writing a book with her.

holiday view

There had been a few rumblings about this book in the preceding couple of weeks but I sort of brushed it off, thinking that my life was simple and I wanted to keep it that way. Bernadine is a vibrant go getter and I felt quite sure that if there was a book to be written, she could handle it.

Bernadine was convincing however, She visualized this book having a section on lifestyle disease  and argued that I was the right person to write the section because this is where my passion in the health care industry lies. I agreed, Bernadine told me she would forward me the correspondence, I thanked her and didn’t give the topic much more thought.

Fast forward three days later and killing time waiting for my delayed flight, I downloaded my emails. A feeling of intense anxiety came over me as I discovered what I had actually committed to.

We submitted a proposal for the book and within days we had finalised a contract with Penguin -Random House to write a book on how to follow a low carb diet to successfully lose weight.

We did not want to write just another weight loss book however. We felt it important that a book addressed the health issues that make it so important to promote correct nutrition. We wanted to answer all the most commonly asked questions that we come across on the social media groups about low carb diets or ” Banting” as it has come to be known here in South Africa. It was important too to tackle many of the misconceptions that were springing up around low carb eating and then of course we needed to address lists of foods suitable for the lifestyle and those that are not.Mythbusting

This was a challenging task because obesity and lifestyle disease is a massive topic.Low carb eating is a massive topic and so too is all the nonsense surrounding the lifestyle. Our aim was to write a book that everybody could understand. Factual but not bogged down in science. This book needed to be a go to reference for anybody interested in Banting. And of course we were given a word limit ( which we significantly exceeded and had to spend days cutting back). The information that did not appear in the book will be shared in our blog however.

So whbanting solutionat exactly ended up in ” The Banting Solution”?

Details to follow in my next post.



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